Hybrid App Development

Hybrid Apps Development

While native applications can boost speed and maximize features, web-based apps offer a cost-effective way to provide compatibility with different platforms.

Hybrid apps, like native apps, run on the device, and for Hybrid application, development is done with web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript). Hybrid apps unlike mobile web apps run inside a native container, and uses the device’s browser engine to render the HTML and execute the JavaScript. The abstraction layer helps to access device capabilities such as the accelerometer, camera and local storage unlike mobile web apps. End user will see no difference between hybrid and native apps, because they look, launch and function almost the same. This helps in reducing lot of coding work and the app can be made available to multiple platforms with very few changes.

If you think this is what you want to choose for your next app idea then we are aptly armed and equipped to provide you Hybrid application development services at affordable cost with utmost care to quality. Our team comprises of Hybrid App developers, User interface experts, QA engineers, app consultants and app monetisation experts. We recommend you to choose our Hybrid app developer for following reasons :-

  • Experts on HTML 5, CSS & JavaScript
  • Closely knit QA team to ensure quality
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • 30 Days of post delivery support to address any reported bugs for FREE
  • Complete protection of your intellectual property
  • Coding standard as per Apple guideline to ensure speedy App approval on iStore